Hello, world!  (At least, that’s what my computer science instructors told me to write!)

In a time of dying blogs, you may ask, “Why did you decide to start blogging?”  Well, I wish I could say my reasons are manifold and unique, but the reality is that they are few and prosaic.  To start, I have all these really great ideas that I think everyone should hear … not really.  (But really — I do! ;-))  Second, and of greater personal importance, I’m interested in keeping a (relatively) detailed log of the things I think about.  Reason being, I end up forgetting a lot of my thoughts until I think them again (that’s not “remembering”, is it?), and blogging them seems like a great way of keeping my ideas from getting lost.  Finally, I think that a few of these ruminations may be of some value to somebody, perhaps (hopefully!).

Also, in the interest of partial disclosure, I think you should know that this is not my first blogging iteration; I was never quite successful at posting consistently.  I think,  as Jon Acuff says, it has to do with the so-called “all or nothing” mentality — the enemy of writers everywhere.  That is, would-be-bloggers feel that they have to write an epic masterpiece every time they blog — or else, write nothing.  That single fact has put me in the “would be” category for some time.  The other thing is, I’ve noticed a lot of blogs have themes, and I’m really too varied as a person to stick with themes.  This, as you can imagine, has also kept me from blogging.  Moreover, I’ve determined to just let my thoughts flow this time around.  I’ll write about my faith mostly, but I’ll probably write about other items that I find interesting, including – but not limited to – weather, science, sports, poetry, and philosophy.  The blog length and content will vary accordingly.

Enjoy!  (And please comment, if you care!  I’d love to hear from you.  Even if I don’t know you!)



About Gabe Garfield

B.S. and M.S in Meteorology from the Univ. of Oklahoma | Storm Chasing | Extreme Weather | Business at the Univ. of Tennessee | Psalm 97:4
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One Response to Welcome!

  1. Dan D. says:

    Hey Gabe,

    Glad to see your new blog! Your reason for writing a blog to avoid forgetting your thoughts was very much a strong motivation for starting my own blog. I can also totally relate with the “all or nothing” mentality, which is probably the chief reason why I post so seldom on my current blog. I aim to rectify that, but so far haven’t done so. In fact, I could use some prayer and encouragement in that regard, and in turn I will offer the same!

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